Dealing with your guests!

Once a booking has been taken and the deposit paid, you will receive either an email address or a contact phone number for your guests. Please contact them in advance and introduce yourselves, perhaps explaining how to get to the boat, or what time you would like them to arrive, this starts a conversation and enables you  to start getting to know your guests.

It will be necessary for you or your representative to meet and greet your guests and explain to them the idiosyncrasies of your vessel. For example how to flush the heads and where to dispose of rubbish.

You will take your guests through safety procedures on the boat, show them where the fire extinguishers are kept, the first aid box and perhaps how to turn off the gas and change a bottle, and how to refill the water tank; also give an explanation of the shower block workings and provide passcodes.

We all have boat house rules; it would be helpful to your guests if a typed sheet could be attached to their welcome pack.

It is up to you what you place in your welcome pack, but we would like to recommend as a minimum that you provide bus and train timetables, taxi numbers, a local street map and some leaflets from the tourist information centre. Also give your contact details in case of emergency.

This probably all sounds quite daunting, but could all be explained quite easy within ten minutes of your guests arriving.​ During this boat introduction, you can explain if you haven’t already done so, what time you would like them to vacate your boat.

On the morning of departure, please have a good look round the boat and make sure that everything is as you left it. Ask your guests if they have had any breakages or if you need to repair anything, this then opens an opportunity for them to ‘confess’ if they have had any breakages or accidents.

Please ask them to review your boat, by sending an email to, the more reviews you collect for the boat, the better it is for you.

Remember to take back the keys on departure!