• What will happen when we arrive at our boat?

    You will be greeted by the boat owner or there representative, who will explain the boat to you and help you settle in, they will give you an explanation on how to use the equipment, such as showers, how to secure the boat, and some information on local amenities.

  • What about the cleaning and linen?

    The boat will be clean on your arrival and the owners ask that you leave the boat in good condition on your departure. All bedding is provided, unless stipulated differently by your particular boat owner.

  • Breakages?

    Inevitably there is the occasional breakage.  But if you have had an accident on the boat out of courtesy please contact the owner and let them know.

  • Is internet available?

    Please check with the boat owners, most marinas have internet, occasionally an additional charge is made.

  • Problems?

    In the unlikely event of any problems arising the boat owner or their representative will be available to talk with you. The owners contact details will be made available to you on arrival at the boat.

  • Smoking?

    We have a No Smoking policy for all our boats.

  • What do we need to bring with us?

    Whilst packing your favourite choice of clothes deck shoes or trainers are advisable when walking around the boat. A torch also comes in handy when returning to your boat after spending the evening in local pubs or restaurants. Our Boats are fully kitted out, but please bring your own towels unless the boat owner stipulates differently.

  • Can I bring a suitcase on holiday with me?

    Cabins unlike hotel rooms have very little storage, so please don’t bring suitcases, but holdalls that can be crushed down and stowed away in lockers until you next need them.

  • Can we bring our pet with us?

    There are pet friendly boats, please describe the age and breed of your pet when making any requests.

  • Food and essentials.

    When it comes to food, please bear in mind the storage on a boat is not as spacious as your average home; please check to make sure your boat has a fridge or cooler.

  • Can we charge up our phone, or bring hair straighteners?

    All our boats are attached to an electric hook up, so feel free to bring your electrical gadgets with you.

  • What about holiday insurance?

    As with all other forms of holidays, it is always advisable to take out personal holiday insurance. All boats will have public liability insurance, but this will not cover your personal belongings, or any incidence that occurs away from the boat.

  • What will happen on the morning I leave the boat?

    The owner or their representative will be there at a pre agreed time to collect the boat keys, check the boat over to make sure you have left the boat in the same condition you found her in.