Clothes on the guard rail

Date posted: 8 June 2013

Have you ever had the scenario where you have hung an item or several on the guard rail to dry and left the boat or got side tracked, and later returned to find your towel, underwear or the tea towel vanished.
I’m usually left standing by my rail, pondering on a number of things, did I hang it out? how many did I hang out? has so and so taken it in for me? then it dawns on you that the said item has very much vanished into the wind. So then you walk along the guard rail a bit, have a look over, check the other side until you’re absolutely sure …its gone.
Well as I am about to embark on a longer than usual sail I thought I would do some research into the best pegs for the job.
I know which I have had before I would not have again, these include, the caravan/camping twist washing line strung between my shrouds,  if you hang more than a light weight hankie, it trails on the deck, we discounted this very quickly!
I thought wooden traditional dolly pegs would be good because of the length of grip, wrong they popped off all over the place almost immediately, floating away along side the boat.
Wooden clothes pegs worked quite well, but tend to rust a bit after only short time, leaving marks on the washing. Not good!
Plastic clothes pegs, needed too many on each item as they were not strong enough.
Well I bought these and I tried them, dearer than the average peg, but I haven’t lost one yet! they have two areas of grip, one for the guard rail and a separate one for the clothing…they work!
So for all those holidaying on a boat…take a pack with you. Brabantia Smart Clothes Pegs, 100% plastic, strong grip, anti slip and a two year guarantee.
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