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We are an international boat holiday accommodation business specialising in boat rental, Static Boat Holidays is digitalising the boat rental industry, which is worth billions, and is 10 years behind any other travel sectors. We are building a global digital booking platform and community, similar to Airbnb and Holiday Lettings like community models (reviews, communication, location based apps and services).

We welcome boats of all classes, sizes and ages to join our fleet. It’s about the condition of your boat and location rather than age and size! If you enjoy time on her and are confident others would also enjoy your boat, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

Simon has been sailing from a young age and fully appreciates all the implications associated with letting your boat. Prior to taking over this business, he successfully let his boat through Static Boat Holidays and would be happy to chat to boat owners about any concerns they may have, or to offer advice on how to manage the letting.​

In the following paragraphs we hope to cover all of the questions that you may have.​

How to set your rental​

Firstly lets discuss rental income. We cannot advise you what you will be able to rent your boat out for, as each country and location will vary. To help you work out a sensible letting fee, we suggest looking at holiday lets in your area – cottages, guest houses and caravan breaks. This will give you an indication of the potential return. Remember to consider low, mid and high season rates, plus any other additional local events, that might give you an increased rental. For example, Looe has a popular Music festival at the end of September which offers an opportunity for an increased rental rate.

Location of boat

​If you are moored in a harbour and wish to move your boat to the visitors’ moorings to let her, you will have to factor in the additional visitors’ moorings costs. This may also apply to some Marinas.

If your boat is positioned on a swing mooring, but has a water taxi service available for use, ​ I would be happy to discuss how we might be able to let your boat. You would have to be aware that you will need to regularly check the battery power and water levels throughout the let.

Sailing Schools​

We believe that our boat rental business could blend exceptionally well with​ sailing schools. Just upload the details of one yacht; if you receive a static holiday booking request, you can check if one of your boats is available for that period.

Boat and Breakfast​

We have recently received enquiries from people seeking ‘boat and breakfast’ accommodation. This form of boat rental is becoming popular in other parts of the world, for people who live on their boat but have a spare ‘room’. It would be a pleasure to advertise your boats on this basis.​

Why will these holidays appeal to people ?​

With travelling costs escalating, ‘staycation’ holidays are becoming more attractive. What we can offer is a fun alternative holiday, enabling guests to experience ‘life aboard’ in a variety of beautiful locations.

Our Static Boat Holidays are aimed at affordable holidays which are a great alternative to standard holiday accommodation, whether it is for a weekend, week or just a couple of nights break.

We have found that our accommodation appeals to people who have had previous sailing/boat experience; people who have retired from sailing, or who have had to give up sailing due to family commitments; people who own boats but are visiting other parts of the world; people who wish to reintroduce living on a boat to a partner; families who wish to move up from dinghy sailing.

So how does it work?

Let us first tell you that it is free to list your boat, just send us a ‘list your boat’ email, we will reply sending you a username and password, at this point you can then list your boat yourself by following our step-by-step guidelines.  Our company charges 12% Commission on all bookings. We retain the deposit and on the third day of the rental we pay you the full rental fee, minus 12%

Help uploading your boat details

If you are not confident that you could follow our step-by-step guide to uploading your boat details, we can upload your boat details for you.

Boat Insurance

Pleasure boats are usually insured for ‘domestic and pleasure use’, for the purposes of  letting your boat, as boat holiday accommodation, please contact your Insurers and add ‘bare boat charter’, the Insurers will ask you how many weeks bare boat you wish them to insure you for, we would suggest you ask for ‘pro rata’, so that you notify them and pay a small additional premium for each let.

Any further questions?

Please feel free to give Simon a ring on 07878 970140 for an informal chat with no obligation to let your boat, or alternatively you could email us – to register your boat.