Boat owners FAQ

  • What sort of boats do we take on?

    Each boat is viewed for its own merits; it is not so much about the boats age or size, but the condition and location of the boat. If you are unsure if your boat would suit our requirements, don’t be bashful please just send an enquiry email to we would be pleased to hear from you.

  • How often must the boat be available to let?

    This is a matter of personal choice, and will reflect how much you use the boat personally. As infrequently or frequently as suits yourself, but having committed to a particular we week we request that you honour that commitment.

  • How long do they stay?

    This is entirely up to the boat owners, some people will be happy to let for two nights and others for no less than a week, this is a personal matter for you to decide. Your advert will clearly depict the boats availability as desired by yourselves.

  • What about my own things?

    Valuables and personal items should be locked away or removed. You may wish to keep a little lockable storage space for your own items. It is good practise to make a ‘photo inventory’ showing the condition of the boat prior to guests coming in.  You should also notify your insurance company of your intention to let. ( Sailing schools will already have the correct cover).

  • Who checks guests in and out?

    The boat owner or their representative will check the guests in, and give them a full briefing about the boat and the local area. After departure you or your representatives will check over your boat and ensure that all is as expected .

  • What about cleaning and linen?

    It is the boat owners responsibility to ensure that the boat is cleaned thoroughly also fully kitted out with all utensils, crockery and bedding. We would also recommend you leave a few additional bedding items.

  • What about the coat of the utilities, such as Gas?

    The cost of gas, electric and water is factored into the holiday, please ensure that these utilities are ready to use for your clients. For all gas appliances you will need to arrange inspection and a certificate of safety issued by a qualified gas marine engineer, cost about £40, prior to guests staying. We can advice you in relation to this.

  • Smoking?

    We have a No Smoking policy for all our boats.

  • What else will I need to do?

    You prepare brief notes on your boat, how the appliances work, for example heating & hot water, locking up and leaving etc; some information about the local area: restaurants, cafés, pubs, etc. Some owners leave a welcome pack, of local produce, this is entirely your decision.

  • Should I allow pets?

    This is personal choice, if you do not want to allow pets clearly state this on the additional information page. We would ask you to consider whether you would be happy allowing ‘strangers’ animals aboard your boat, they may climb on your beds, they may not have flea protection, sharp claws that would scratch gloss wood work.

  • Collecting reviews for the boat holiday accommodation.

    Please ask your customers at the end of a stay to send a review about their boat holiday accommodation to and we will link the review to your boat.

  • What do I do on the morning the guests leave?

    As you or your representative will have welcomed the guests aboard their boat holiday accommodation, please arrange a suitable convenient time for their departure. You or your representative should be at your boat for that arranged time, check the boat accommodation carefully, and take receipt of the keys.