Jasmine Coral Jay

Sleeps: 9
This boat holiday accommodation offers you everything you need to make your stay on our boat  an enjoyable experience. Come and enjoy our all year round friendly hospitality, in a truly vibrant location, with restaurants bars and entertainment, there is plenty to do on and around the ‘Rock’ of Gibraltar in addition from here you could also cross the border into Spain for a traditional Tapas or catch a short plane trip to Morocco.

From £60 a night

Use of lounge all decks sundecks and full English breakfast is served at the excellent Champions restaurant next door. Water in Gibraltar is at a premium and so showers on board are limited in the time that can be spent, their are purpose built showers next door that can be used for any extra pampering sessions.

As host i will be on hand to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.Guests will have access to the fore and aft sundecks and fly deck sun terrace with great views over marina and runway as the planes take off. wifi is free watch a new film in the lounge or choose a dvd and watch in your room.

Stay on board the Jasmine on luxury 68 ft motor cruiser right in front of the best restaurants bars and clubs Gibraltar has to offer and because of its marina central location is an excellent base for the more adventurous divers and sport sailors and dolphin watchers. Whether you are a seasoned traveler to Britain in the sun or first time explorer the location and amenities directly next to the Jasmine have it all.

No smoking on board apart from out on the sundecks no pets, for children policy please ask . Water in Gibraltar is at a premium and so showers on board are limited in the time that can be spent, their are modern power showers next door that can be used for any extra pampering sessions.

Captain's Room - £120 per night.

Double Room - £90 per night.

Twin Rooms - £80 per night.

Single Room - £50 per night.


Inclusive tea/coffee an english breakfast can be booked in advance on the boat an iron hair dryer available on request and beach towels rented on daily basis.

Only 600 meters from the airport with lights bags is a short walk, there are traditional buses available and taxis waiting at the airport .

There is so much to do in and around Gibraltar, we will start by taking a tour to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, from here on a clear day you can see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Seas. In the distance you can see Africa, which is just a short plane journey away, making a great day out, and then away to one side you can see Spain, again this is a short walk across the board. Scattered below you on either side of the rock, you can see beaches, harbours, marinas, the town and the runway.

Whilst you are 'up the rock', you might be interested in visiting some of the other attractions such as the famous tunnels that were used to nurse the wounded during the Second World War, the Moorish Castle which has stood to defend Gibraltar during many conflicts. A must is the Barbary Apes, these famous apes are quite a tourist attraction, just don't take anything with you, such as handbags or food, they can be extremely inquisitive and just a little bit naughty. From here its not far to St Michaels cave and the Mediterranean steps which take you back into town.

A central hub of the town is Casemates Square, to appreciate GIbraltars history, glance above the street line to admire the architecture. Here is located the old prison, still there but now used to house, open air restaurants, shops and galleries; the square is an area of social activity, and the gateway into the city. Whilst you are walking along main street, occasionally dive up the side streets to see the 'old GIbraltar', GIbraltarians live here in amongst the narrow streets leading up the side of the rock, the whole area is quite pretty, with steps, old doorways, windows and window boxes.

If you fancy taking a bus, catch the No3 this will take you via, the lighthouse, the Mosque and the shrine of Our Lady of Europe to the southernmost point - Europa Point.

Gibraltar is steeped in military history and for those interested a visit to the Garrisons Library, GIbraltar, a city Under Siege Exhibition, and the GIbraltar Museum would be a must.

I have only just touched on what is available to do in GIbraltar, but when you arrive on the boat, you will find tourist information leaflets and I will point you in the right direction so that you don't miss the main sites and attractions. But what I haven't discussed is the climate, the climate of Gibraltar is Mediterranean/Subtropical with mild winters and warm summers.
Its average annual temperature is 18 °C (64 °F): 21 °C (70 °F), during the day (this is obviously the average it has be known to be much hotter than this) and 15 °C (59 °F) at night. In the coldest month - January, the typically temperature ranges from 11–18 °C (52–64 °F) during the day and 9–14 °C (48–57 °F). Making this quite a nice place to visit during the winter months to escape from the cold British weather.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to send me an enquiry and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Boat of choice Jasmine Coral Jay

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