New Proto Type Elvstrom Sail

Trail and Error or should I say terror! Last December I was invited to join the ARC 2016 cross Atlantic trip on a wonderful Hallberg-rassy 40 called Enigma.  The owner had contact with the sailmaker at Elvstrom Sails, who asked her if she would like to trial a prototype asymmetrical furling foresail.  I arrived to […]

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June, 7, 2017

Maintaining your Jackstays

cleaning and maintaining your jackstay

Every autumn we should remove our warps, halyards and sheet lines and clean them this removes the salt, mould and mildew and enables the rope to soften and be more easily handled the following year, and prolongs the life of the rope. This should also apply to your Jackstays. First check over the full length […]

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December, 15, 2015

Static Boat Holidays is supporting Velo Domestique

Nothing to do with sailing but if you can help why not!

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November, 9, 2015

Choosing the right inverter for your boat

help choosing your converter

Having an inverter on board your boat allows you the pleasure of using luxury electrical gadgets such as televisions, printers, microwaves and dare I say it hair dryers! Inverters are also essential for recharging the more important items on board such as your hand held VHF batteries, phones, ipads and electric tools. Inverters simply and […]

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October, 24, 2015

How to clean your canvas

canvas repair

Taking care of your canvas is important.  Over time you’ll notice that the appearance of your canvas can deteriorate due to algae spores, UV rays, bird droppings and wind-borne pollution.  Regularly remove dirt deposits by wiping clean the (dry) canvas with a brush. Mud skirts and windows are best cleaned using a sponge and a […]

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September, 14, 2015

How to travel abroad with your pets

pet friendly boat holiday accommodation

Helpful information on travelling aboard with your pet, passports, government regulations, flights, pet crate sizes and regulations, insurance and inoculations. All pet owners need to be aware of the entry requirements for your pet dog, cat or ferret for the country you’re going to or coming from. Otherwise you will be responsible for any vet […]

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July, 27, 2015

Ever fancied a sailing holiday?

ways put a long line out

Top Secret Sailing provide a wide range of skippered chartered sailing holiday options on this very special custom built boat. Up to 5 guests can sail on Top Secret in 3 double cabins, 4 guests if you choose to have a hostess. Our sailing venues and itineraries are flexible around what our guests want from […]

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June, 22, 2015

907 gas bottles, what are our alternatives?

how to reduce your gas prices on board boats

Most people in the marine industry will have noticed a sharp increase in the cost of refilling their 907 gas bottles last year; well the bad news is; the price has not gone down, but the price will vary according to where you live in the country, and where you buy it from. Location 2014 […]

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April, 24, 2015

How to trouble shoot your marine engine for a spring start.

Most marine engines are reliable if maintained correctly, this blog article takes it as a given that you have winterised your  marine engine correctly.  Let’s take a look at what could possibly go wrong, if she fails to start in the spring.   1) Your engine will not start, although the starter motor is turning […]

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March, 27, 2015

Static Boat Holidays takes the comfort of its guests very seriously.

Boat accommodation Valletta

If you are considering replacing boat mattresses, here are a few points for you to consider and some thoughts about which type of mattress would suit your needs; with information about the pros and cons of the main mattress constructions. Memory Foam: Which is ideal for those wanting the ultimate in comfort and support, but […]

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February, 20, 2015

Cornish Pasties

Pasties are a great ‘meal in one’ on board a boat, simple to prepare and cook, and easy to eat either at the helm or around the table. The traditional Cornish Pasty was made for miners, and had the savoury section at one end and an apple section at the other end. In the pits […]

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January, 23, 2015

Buying a canal boat – questions to ask.

Have you ever thought about buying a boat? Read on because here is your comprehensive check list to buying a canal boat. Recently this very scenario cropped up when some friends of ours talked about buying a canal boat. Sean and I have owned boats for several years and knew most of what are friends […]

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December, 26, 2014

Help buying the boat of your dreams

Hi, I’m Stuart Austin and I am the owner and MD of Promarine Finance. I would like to help you buy the boat of your dreams. Since 2010 Promarine Finance  has been lending money to customers helping them to buy boats. I have decided to link in with Static Boat Holidays after meeting Viv Sullivan […]

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December, 1, 2014

A guide to filleting fish

A pictorial guide to filleting fish. The size of your fish, will determine firstly where you are going to fillet it! Normally you can fillet the fish on a draining board, or large chopping board, if you were lucky enough to catch some as large as the Hake here, filleting on the pontoon or base […]

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November, 11, 2014

A sailors diary of a trip from Plymouth to Tenerife, the highs, lows and funny moments.

Before the event: Tomorrow I start off from Plymouth on Top Secret heading for Tenerife, I’ve never met the owner or his friends crewing for him. I offered to vittle the boat, so I have been busy cooking and buying in supplies. I’m feeling anxious – how will I cope with off shore sailing for […]

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October, 5, 2014

The finish of our Circumnavigation of Britain, advice to sailors.

We are now coming to the close of our circumnavigation of Great Britain. We really enjoyed our two days in Falmouth, catching up with family and friends, cleaning the hull of the boat and re-oiling the teak for the winter. We particularly enjoyed the fun of fishing on the quay, the mackerel come right to the […]

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September, 9, 2014

St Michaels Mount to Falmouth 34.4nm Sailing around Britain 2014

We all slept very well under the protection of St Michaels Mount, I would now have no hesitation in recommending an anchorage here, especially if there is any east in the wind. We left our anchorage at 8.45am and moved out from the shelter of St Michaels Mount into Mounts Bay. Here the full realization […]

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September, 4, 2014

Isles of Scilly to St Michaels Mount 36.3 nm Sailing around Britain 2014

We left our protected mooring in Porthcresso Bay on the Isles of Scilly heading off to St Michaaels Mount at 8.45 am; there was only about 8mph of wind, which is roughly 2 knots, the wind was basically easterly with an occasional south easterly, so not enough to start tacking with 35nm to go.   […]

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September, 3, 2014

Cork, via Crosshaven to St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly 146.8 nm Sailing around Britain 2014

We sailed up to Cork and spent three nights in Cork City; it was a fabulous central location for exploring Cork. We paid 20 Euros per night with an additional fee of 5 Euros per night for electric. There is water and electric available, but you use the Clarion hotel nearby for showers, this is […]

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September, 2, 2014

Crosshaven to Cork City 12.5 nm Sailing around Britain 2014

We were only meant to come into Crosshaven for one night to meet Billy O’Rourke, who was one of the first people to like our Static Boat Holidays facebook page, but then in passing he mentioned that this weekend was the Irish Redhead Convention!               So we stayed and […]

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August, 26, 2014

Dunmore East to Crosshaven 56.9 nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Last night the waters were flat calm at Dunmore East, and I remember commenting in my last post that it didn’t feel as though we were attached to a buoy; what we actually had was the calm before the storm. During the night we began to roll, so none of us slept that soundly and […]

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August, 23, 2014

Waterford to Dunsmore East 14.5nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Waterford Crystal

Today was our 70th day on the water; we set off at the beginning of April  from Fowey and have enjoyed sailing anti-clockwise around Britain in a leisurely fashion throughout the summer. We spent the day in Waterford sightseeing today, we got going quite early in order to cover as many of the local attractions as […]

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August, 20, 2014

Kilmore Quay to Waterford 30nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Sailing from Kilmore Quay to Waterford

As we sail around Britain and Ireland we have encountered various magnetic anomalies which are caused by a local variation in the Earth’s magnetic field resulting from variations in the chemistry or magnetism of the rocks. We have encountered these magnetic anomalies all around the coast they tend to mean that true readings should be […]

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August, 19, 2014

Wexford to Kilmore 25.6nm Sailing around Britain 2014

A rough sail to Kilmore Quay

Having arrived late last night at Wexford quay, I woke very early and realised we had settled in the silt, because the boat was leaning over at a rather precarious slant. So in my dressing gown I went out to bring in the slack on the shore ropes, I observed that we had settled about […]

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August, 17, 2014

Arklow to Wexford 35nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Having arrived late last night at Wexford quay, I woke very early and realised we had settled in the silt, because the boat was leaning over at a rather precarious slant. So in my dressing gown I went out to bring in the slack on the shore ropes, I observed that we had settled about […]

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August, 16, 2014

Poolbeg marina, Dublin to Arklow 39.5 nm Sailing around Britain 2014

a friendly welcome awaits at Arklow

Our visit to Dublin coincided with the arrival of hurricane Bertha, thankfully we placed ourselves facing west on the pontoon, meaning the wind was on our bow and we didn’t rock. The winds were high, gale force 8, so we were careful mooring up, adding additional lines and fenders, but if I was honest we […]

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August, 14, 2014

Carlingford Lough to Poolbeg Yacht Club, Dublin 51.4nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Moon rising in Dublin

When we all get up and the first conversations are about the weather, you know we are all anxious. During breakfast we all looked up weather reports, and then discussed how we felt about another ten hours in rough seas, right on our nose for a sail from Carlingford Lough to Poolbed Yacht Club in […]

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August, 10, 2014

Peel (Isle of Man) to Carlingford Lough (Ireland) 56.4 nm, sailing around Britain 2014

we took on water sailing to the Isle of Man

Once Sean had finished his maintenance jobs which involved refitting the shower hose, so that we didn’t have another ‘almost sunk’ incident, and what with finding a local welder who could repair the rod bracing the captain’s chair, we had almost two days down time in Peel before we headed off to Carlingford Lough.   […]

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August, 7, 2014

Abercorn Basin, Belfast to the Isle of Man, Sailing around Britain 2014.

We have spent three days in the Abercorn Basin, Belfast, we have had rain, rain and more rain. It’s the heavy rain that soaks you to the skin, being August, when you get out of the rain into a café or shelter you start to steam! But surprisingly we have enjoyed ourselves; the Abercorn Basin […]

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August, 5, 2014

Glenarm Marina to Belfast 29.8nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Before I start talking about the trip into Belfast let me tell you that when we came to Glenarm Marina three years ago on our semi-circumnavigation of the UK, when we were here last there was a port-a-cabin for the office and shower facility. Now there is a smashing new purpose built block, with a […]

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August, 1, 2014

Rathlin Island to Glenarm Northern Ireland, Sailing around Britain 2014

Before I tell you about the sail from Rathlin Island to Glenarm I will say that although the weather wasn’t great whilst we were on Rathlin Island, the views were spectacular and we fell in love with the charm of the place. They have a population of 130, with five new babies being born this […]

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July, 30, 2014

Campbeltown (Scotland) to Rathlin (Northern Ireland) 34.5nm, Sailing around Britain 2014

whiskey tasting at the Springbank distillery

Before I tell you about our sail from Campletown to Rathlin let me tell you that Campletown has a strong association with the whiskey trade, at one time there were thirty seven distilleries in Campbeltown, now only one exists here, Springbank, which also produces, Hazelburn and Longrow. Remnants of a golden era still exit, within […]

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July, 28, 2014

Brodick (Arran) to Campbeltown 28.4 nm. Sailing around Britain 2014

Brodick (Arran) to Campbeltown 36 nm. Sailing around Britain 2014 We woke on anchor this morning having had a wonderful quiet night’s sleep. Marian was full of beans and put on a lamb and lentil stew, to cook slowly throughout the day in the Mr D’s Eco Thermal cooker. I researched and copied down a […]

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July, 26, 2014

Rothesay (Isle of Bute) to Brodick (Isle of Arran) 18.8nm, Sailing around Britain 2014

Simon organised the passage plan to sail from Rothesay to Brodick and told us all we didn’t need to leave until 2pm, which meant we had the added bonus of a morning to explore Bute.             Now if you have  been following the blog, you will know that I have […]

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July, 25, 2014

Ardrishaig (Crinan Canal) to Rothesay (Kyles of Bute), Sailing around Britain 2014v

Before I tell you about the journey from Ardrishaig via the kyles of Bute to Rothesay, let me start with saying that we woke this morning to a beautiful day, light wind and sunshine. We spoke to the lock keeper who suggested that we should be ready to depart from the Crinan canal basin at […]

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July, 24, 2014

The Crinan Canal in two Days, Sailing around Britain 2014

We entered the lock at Crinan in the early evening and moored in the Crinan basin. Our trip through the Crinan canal cost £108 for a four night passage. The canal is 8.5nm in length with fourteen locks. From the Crinan end you lock upwards from 14 to 9 and then lock down from 8 […]

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July, 22, 2014

Oban to the Crinan Canal 23nm, Sailing around Britain 2014

Before I tell you about the journey to the Crinan Canal let me say, we have spent two nights in Oban or more precisely in the marina by the island of Kerrera opposite Oban (a free shuttle ferry runs you to Oban). The marina staff, were welcoming and friendly, there is also a small chandlery […]

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July, 22, 2014

Loch Leven to Oban 23 nm, Sailing around Britain 2014

On our arrival into Loch Leven we had all been joking about the height of the bridge between North and South Ballichulish, and if we would get underneath it at high water springs. Well the answer was just, Simon had done the passage plan and was ‘on duty’ as we approached the bridge, we all […]

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July, 18, 2014

Tobermory to Ballachulish, Sailing around Britain 2014

We have just had two delightful days in Tobermory, on day one we thoroughly cleaned the boat, day two it rained all day, and this morning we managed to get off for a really good walk, before setting sail.             On day one, I was just getting onto the pontoon, […]

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July, 15, 2014

Eigg to Tobermory 20 nm, Sailing around Britain 2014

Due to our late night at the Ceilidh and helping Mo back on her boat with her torn tendon, we had to set alarms to wake us so that we would be off our mooring by seven. We managed to exit the old harbour without going aground, but even at high water springs we only […]

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July, 13, 2014

Glen Elg Bay To Eigg 25.9nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Boat accommodation Island of Eigg

We can never really tell what the day will hold, as we weighed anchor at Glen Elg Bay yesterday morning, this was never more true. The wind direction was southerly and as our heading was 26nm south, it wasn’t so good for us, we could have tacked all the way, but after a general discussion […]

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July, 12, 2014

Ullapool to Kyle of Lochalsh and beyond. Sailing around Britain 2014

We were all up relatively early this morning, Sean and Mike took us off the mooring and I motored onto the pontoon by the quay, so that we could drop Mike off and fill with water. I have to say it’s been a pleasure to have had Mike on board with us, he is exceptionally […]

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July, 10, 2014

Lochinver to Ullapool Sailing around Britain 2014

hidden entrance to lochinver makes it even more charming

      Mike reversed us off the pontoon this morning at 9am; leaving at this time meant we had the tidal streams with us the whole way. As we were leaving the Loch Sean asked for the sails to be raised, and we turned the engine off and glided along for the next couple […]

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July, 9, 2014

Kinlochbervie to Loch Inver Sailing around Britain 2014

On a boat you only need one skipper, on our boat we have a number of skippers, which has led to a little friction at times. So last night Sean and I had a discussion about not stepping in to interfere with whoever has done the passage planning, today this worked much better. Simon was […]

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July, 8, 2014

Loch Eribol to Kinlochbervie Sailing around Britain 2014

As Sean was getting ready to pull up the anchor this morning, he called me up, asking if I had my camera. Well what a beautiful image, mirror calm waters with a mountainous backdrop, stunning.   Mike helped Sean pull up the anchor, and we literally glided out of the Loch towards the sea, all […]

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July, 7, 2014

Stromness to Loch Eriboll, Sailing around Britain 2014

Stromness to Loch Eriboll 54nm light winds, 2 gusting the occasional 5, sea state slight. This is day 46th day on the water, and our 90th day away from Fowey. We spent four nights at Stromness in the Orkneys, during that time we visited most of the tourist attractions available to us. On the first […]

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July, 7, 2014

Wick to the Orkney Islands sailing around Britain 2014

We have been forecast gale force 4-8 today, so I gathered everyone together and asked if anyone felt we shouldn’t proceed. I explained that the wind was Southerly and although the sea state could be moderate, it shouldn’t feel that bad. Ho! Bloody! Ho! As we left the sheltered harbour of Wick we hit massive […]

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July, 3, 2014

Inverness to Wick Sailing around Britain 2014

Mike Davis from Looe has flown up to join us for the next ten days whilst we explore the Orkney Islands. We left Inverness for Wick at 7.30am prompt. I was just reversing off the pontoon, when Sean noticed that the end attachment was missing off the hose, so we had a false start and […]

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July, 2, 2014

Lossiemouth to Inverness via Finhorn Bay.

We left Lossiemouth heading for Inverness marina at 10am, 22nd June 2014. We are one day off neaps. I did the passage planning and calculated that the journey of 34nm would take us upward of seven hours, depending on the wind ( I’m always the optimist!). So leaving at 10am would mean that the first […]

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June, 26, 2014

Lossiemouth and Elgin

Buckie to Lossiemouth Marina: Firth of Moray 10.8 nm. Last night threw up a right storm; I laid in bed listening to the wind and the creaking of the rigging. This morning the storm hadn’t abated, but the weather forecasts indicated that the wind would drop as the afternoon progressed. I didn’t want to leave this […]

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June, 22, 2014

Whitehills to Buckie, another day on our boat holiday, sailing around Britain 2014

Sometimes a sign will just make you laugh this was just one of those occasions!                 It was quite an interesting entry and exit from  The marina on route to Buckie, which really shouldn’t be undertaken in a large swell or at low tide. Again we were made exceptionally […]

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June, 19, 2014

Banff to Whitehills, sailing around Briatin 2014

Walking from Banff harbour

As we have ten days to kill before we fly south for our sons graduation we have decided to hop along the coast and visit some of the smaller harbours.  Today we sailed just a couple of miles down the coast from Banff to Whitehills, this was approximately a two mile sail. I took the […]

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June, 18, 2014

Peterhead to Banff 34.5 nm, Sailing around Britain 2014

Yesterday our friends Simon and Marian Cole joined us on the boat, to continue our sail around Britain with us. They flew up from London to Aberdeen and then caught a coach along the coast to join us in Peterhead Bay marina. Last night we all had a serious catch up and a few bevvies. […]

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June, 18, 2014

Stonehaven to Peterhead 37.5nm Sailing around Britain 2014

mysteriously shaped boats

          11th June 2014, we left Stonehaven at 10.30, reversing off the stone wall as the tide was rising, and the wind was pushing us onto the wall. The wind for our trip to Peterhead today was all on our stern, either port or starboard, predominantly southerly.   We have spotted […]

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June, 11, 2014

Broughty Ferry to Stonehaven Sailing around Britain 2014

river Tay, dolphins

The journey from Broughty Ferry near Dundee to Stonehaven was 42.5 nm. We left at 4.30am so that we could get to the sandbar eight miles off shore just as the tide was changing, so that we wouldn’t be wind against tide, you see we did learn something after our experience in Blakeney! As it was […]

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June, 9, 2014

Largo Bay to the Royal Tay Yacht Club, escorted in by dolphins.


We had a good night’s sleep in Largo Bay, which was somewhat surprising considering how hard the wind was blowing, but we had turned into the wind and were held in that position all night. Martin on Tui beside us, said he had rocked all night, I think that’s another advantage of a bilge keel, […]

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June, 5, 2014

Eyemouth to Largo Bay, Sailing around Britain 2014

We helped Martin ease Tui off the pontoon this morning, saying goodbye with promises of staying in touch, it’s been fun cruising in company. Then the day turned into an endurance test spanning 34.7 nm! The weather forecast this morning stated there would be ripples, N/NW, 3 to 4 knots of wind with no mention […]

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June, 4, 2014

Holy Island (Lindisfarne) to Eyemouth Sailing around Britain 2014

Holy Island (Lindisfarne) to Eyemouth Day 32 on the water. Last night we anchored just off Holly Island and had a cacophony of seal noises to serenade us throughout the night. As the sun set and the waters calmed completely we could see two colonies of seals, one on Guile Point and the other on […]

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June, 3, 2014

Farne Islands and Holy Island, Sailing around Britain 2014


2nd June 2014, we left Blythe at 8am, we are heading to Holy Island which is approximately 38nm, the sea state is slight and the wind 0-1knot, we haven’t put the sails out yet, as it seems pointless. As we headed out of Blythe we had to be aware of the Seaton rocks, so we […]

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June, 2, 2014

Hartlepool to the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club, Blythe, Sailing around Britain 2014

Day 30 on the water, Hartlepool to the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club,  Blythe.  It was busier leaving the lock this morning. So much for the promising weather forecast of yesterday, I was quietly anticipating a great days sail, as we left the lock at Hartlepool I gave Sean a hand to pull all the sails […]

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June, 1, 2014

Scarbourgh to Hartlepool Sailing around Britain 2014

Hartlepool marina

Day 29, 31st May, Scarborough to Hartlepool 39 nm. The wind is forecast for 2/3 knots dropping to 1 / 2 knots. We left at 8.30am the sea state is wavelets, we started with our SOG at 5.1, which has gradually dropped to 1.7, and now the foresail as started flapping, so I’ve wound the […]

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May, 31, 2014

Sailing around Britain – Grimsby to Scarborough

Day 28 on the water, we left Grimsby at 6am,, we have been sheltering in Grimsby for the past six days avoiding the high winds and rain. Lets back track first and let me tell you a little about six days in Grimsby! The first two days were smashing, we had brilliant sunshine and clear […]

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May, 31, 2014

Blakeney to Grimsby a rough ride, Sailing around Britain

24th May, day 27 on the water. Our alarm went off at 4am, we didn’t turn the lights on, so as not to spoil our night vision, but got dressed ; turned all the instruments on, and hauled up the anchor in the semi gloom of the hour before sunrise. Quite frankly I was dreading […]

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May, 24, 2014

Lowestoft to Blakeney 51.5 nm Sailing around Britain 2014

Fabulous sunrise at Blakeney

Day 26, 23rd May, 51.5 nm from Lowestoft to Blakeney We were meant to leave yesterday morning, but during the previous night there was a storm , which kept us both awake and at one point up on the deck checking the ropes and fenders. We awoke, and although the eye of the storm had […]

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May, 23, 2014

Harwich to Lowestoft and the benefits of Mr D’s Thermal Cooker on an around Britain sail

Day 25.  21st May.  43.8nm from Harwich to Lowestoft. We left our anchorage at 6am, the light was hazy and there wasn’t a ripple on the water. As we left Harwich/felixstowe we saw six container vessels at the port. We followed the buoyed passage keeping just outside the port hand markers, which was the safe […]

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May, 21, 2014

Royal Harwich Yacht Club to Collimer Point, Sailing around Britain 2014

Day 24, 20th May, We pushed against the tide down the river 1.5nm, from the Royal Harwich Yacht Club to Collimer Point which is closer to Harwich, this outstanding journey took us 1 hour and forty minutes, lots of tacking in a very light wind with 2 knots of tide against us. Today after a […]

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May, 20, 2014

Brightlingsea to The Butt and Oyster in the River Orwell. Sailing around Britain 2014

Day 25, Monday the 19th May. A 6am start saw us leaving our anchorage at Pyefleet Creek, we had to make sure that we did not cut across the Colne Bar sand bank, before heading north. But as you can see by the weather chart we didn’t have much wind for the first couple of […]

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May, 19, 2014

The river Roach to Brightlingsea, sailing around Britain 2014

Day 23, May the 18th. We have now completed 517 nm. Before I get started, I have discovered a few facts, although our charts for Burnham on Crouch were old, all the new buoys, cardinals and navigational marks are because Boris Johnson has decided to remove all the earth dug out from the new rail […]

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May, 18, 2014

Exploring the river Crouch, Sailing around Britain 2014

Sailing days 20, 21 and 22. Thursday 15th to Saturday the 17th of May. Well the anticipated high arrived, so early on Thursday morning, whilst we were on anchor in the river Roach, we were to be found stripped off in the tender polishing the sides of the boat. ( no photographs !) We had […]

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May, 17, 2014

Queenborough to the River Roach Sailing around Britain 2014


Day 19, 14th May. Rather a leisurely start this morning, which started with coffee and books in bed. When I got up to make the coffee every one of the buoys along from us had been vacated, I did remember seeing a few similar pennants, so I can only presume they were an organized cruise. […]

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May, 14, 2014

South Dock Marina to Queenborough Sailing around Britain 2014

South Dock Marina

Day 18, 13th May. How was it that on our way up the Thames we managed 42.4nm and coming down we only covered 40nm, we must have taken a more direct route and cut off a few bends!! So lets start with our thoughts on South Dock Marina, the terms ‘ a small oasis or […]

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May, 13, 2014

Sailing up The Thames, Sailing around Britain

Thames Barrier, London

Day 17, 7th of May. Last night we carefully looked at a passage plan for today, the Almanac gives specific instructions about where you should be at any given time in the marked passage as you go up the Thames. We left our buoy where we spent a very comfortable night and headed off about […]

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May, 8, 2014

Sailing from Ramsgate- Sailing around Britain

wreck, Medway Channel

Tuesday 6th May, saw us watching two yachts leaving Ramsgate harbour 90 minutes earlier than they both suggested they were going to the previous evening, we mulled this over for all of two minutes and followed suit. If the local boats were leaving early there had to be a good reason. Following a bank holiday […]

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May, 6, 2014

Sailing from Dover – sailing around Britain 2014

Ducks, medina river

Day 15, Sunday the 4th of May, in the morning we headed into town, for a wonder round and visited Dover museum, we both thought our visit was a few hours well spent, as we had just enough time before we needed to catch the tide heading for Ramsgate. 2 pm saw us heading  out […]

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May, 5, 2014

Eastbourne to Dover Sailing around Britain 2014

Dungerness power station

  Day 14 on the water, Eastbourne to Dover 45.1nm we left at 10.15 am and arrived at 6.25 pm. Leaving Eastbourne in a very light ESE wind, we entered the lock with five other boats, there were a few tense moments and a few cross words, locks really aren’t Sean’s favourite access to a […]

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May, 3, 2014

Brighton to Eastbourne, Sailing around Britain 2014

Day 13 on the water! 2nd May 2014. We stayed in Brighton Marina longer than anticipated as I slipped a disc bending over to put some shoes on. Thankfully I was standing right next to our bunk, so Sean was able to help me roll onto it, where I stayed flat out for two days. […]

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May, 2, 2014

Arun Yacht Club, Littlehampton to Brighton Marina, Sailing around Britain 2014

Arun Yacht Club

28th April 2014, day 12 on the water. We set off from our pontoon at the Arun Yacht Club at 10am, two hours before high water.  At the last marker leaving the harbour we pointed 153’ for 2.6nm and then made a heading of 79’ for 16nm straight into Brighton marina. The wind was ESE […]

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April, 28, 2014

Sailing around Britain we arrived at Littlehampton

Arun Yacht Club

Friday April 24th. At times you just couldn’t make it up… it’s been like that! Last night we anchored off Littlehampton, Sean and I discussed the tidal range before we anchored, considering that 4 meters two hours before high tide was ample to ensure that we didn’t go aground with a tidal range of 2.8m.  We […]

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April, 25, 2014

Sailing around Britain from Itchnor to Littlehampton

Chichester marina, berths

Days 10 and 11, Thursday 24th April, Chichester to Itchenor to Littlehampton. In our berth in the marina we were so tightly sandwiched in I wondered how easy it would be leave. We are very high sided and at times even the slightest wind makes Kantara quite tricky to maneuver in tight spaces, thankfully we […]

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April, 24, 2014

Medina River to Chichester Marina, Sailing around Britain 2014

log, sean, passage planning

Day 9 on our trip sailing around Britain, from the Folly pontoon on the Medina River to Chichester Marina, what a great sail. Yesterday evening we had three friends join us for the night, Sarah, James and Carl. I climbed into the tender moored at the stern of the boat this morning, as I was […]

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April, 22, 2014

Yarmouth Marina to the Odessa Boat Yard, Newport

Tall ships Challenger, Cowes

Day 8, Tuesday 15th April,  of our trip sailing around Britain not such an early start as we only had to get from Yarmouth to Newport today.. Quite a bit of wind over tide when we left Yarmouth, so we had a choppy tacking session up through West Solent, our top speed was 7.1 knots, […]

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April, 16, 2014

Studland Bay to Yarmouth Marina

Needles Channel

Studland Bay to Yarmouth Day 7  Sailing around Britain. Monday 14th April,  we watched a beautiful sunrise with our early start for Yarmouth Marina, we weighed the anchor at 6am and glided quietly away from our mooring ( having spent ten minutes cleaning the thick mud that was stuck to the anchor- good holding in Studland […]

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April, 15, 2014

Studland Bay to the Bankes Arms, Sailing Round Britain 2014

Three men in a boat

Sunday the 13th of April, Day 6 a trip to the Bankes Arms! A rather slow start this morning, although we were all up by eight, some of us were more ‘up’ than others. A previous evening of alcohol and card games tends to create a more leisurely start to the day. We didn’t sail […]

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April, 14, 2014

Sailing around Britain – Weymouth to Poole, day 5

Studland Bay, Old Harry and his wife

We are only on day five of our trip Sailing around Britain, today we are heading from Weymouth to Poole.  We were up early to make the most of the tidal streams and to avoid Lulworth gunnery range even though it’s Saturday, we then rang the number suggested in the almanac , we were informed […]

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April, 13, 2014

Hopes Nose to Weymouth, 47.5nm.

Day 4, 11th April, Hopes Nose to Weymouth, 47.5nm. Sailing around Britain A good night’s sleep on anchor at Hopes Nose, I only woke once when the wind had obviously changed direction for a couple of hours and rocked us a bit. We left bright and early with wind of 2/3 knots, so the sails […]

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April, 11, 2014

Dartmouth to Hopes Nose, Sailing around Britain

Blooms, Brixham, anchor, flower arranging

10th April, Sailing Round Britain Day 3, Dartmouth to Hope’s Nose, Devon     (a well known fishing location), via Brixham for lunch and Torquay for afternoon tea, I’m not sure whether I should count myself extremely lucky that at this time of year the weather is beautiful, or be entitled to say…where is the wind! […]

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April, 10, 2014

Sailing round Britain Fowey to Kingsand

Tuesday April  8th, Port: Fowey. Destination:  Kingsand /Cawsand Bay. Distance travelled: 17.8 nm, Average speed 5.5knts, Engine hours:0.7, Day 1 sailing around Britain Not a bad days sail, our first sail(using our new sails) configuration for the season was a ‘goose wing’ on a WNW , which lasted for the first hour and then the wind moved N NW. The rollers […]

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April, 9, 2014

Sailing around Britain – delayed by bad weather

Bit of a false start to sailing around Britain We did get on board on Saturday, but in the fog…what would have been the point and as poorer weather was due in on the Sunday/Monday we decided to delay our start. This didn’t mean that I got to lay about relaxing! Thankfully the rain didn’t […]

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April, 7, 2014

Getting Ship Shape for sailing around Britain

OK it was never going to be ‘plain sailing’ preparing the boat for sailing around Britain. Firstly loading everything  back onto the boat that we took off for the winter, this involved numerous journeys from Looe to Polruan, thankfully both in Cornwall! Then hiking these loads from the car park, through the boat yard to […]

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April, 4, 2014

Let’s talk about the Strop on your mooring

Before we get started talking about strops, let me point out that the new trend for using Carabina’s for attaching your boat to a swing mooring, is a real no! no! Apparently three boats have escaped from their mooring in Fowey (England), each of them was attached using a carabina. Carabinas are not designed for […]

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March, 14, 2014

Anodes – information for boat owners

What do most of us know about anodes. Well I know that our boats need them, and that Anodes are sacrificial, they protect your boat hull from galvanic corrosion where salt water attacks metal and causes it to deteriorate, and need to be replaced periodically; but as to anything more detailed I’ll have to be […]

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January, 2, 2014

Moored boats are proving a shore thing as holiday ‘cottages’

The Western Morning News  2013 – If you have ever fancied a life on the ocean wave, but never had the stomach or the sea legs for it, a Looe-based start-up business may have the answer. Vivienne Sullivan launched Static Boat Holidays, after a round-Britain sailing trip on her own boat last year opened her […]

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November, 28, 2013

How to choose the right boat insurance

When I refer to boats, in this blog I am also taking into consideration yachts, motor cruisers, canal boats and barges. Speed boats, ribs, catamarans, small commercial vessels, dinghies and jet skis. Tenders should be incorporated in your boat insurance. Why do we have boat insurance? As well as giving us peace of mind and […]

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November, 2, 2013

How to choose your fenders

In boating, a fender is a bumper used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a jetty, quay wall or other vessel. Fenders are used to prevent impact, abrasive action from vessels, or direct pressure. Fenders are typically manufacturered out of rubber, foam elastomer or UV treated polycarbonate(243) . Rubber fenders are either […]

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October, 8, 2013

Buy a Beta Marine engine with confidence?

This is an account of what can happen when you select the wrong Beta Marine engineer to fit your Beta Marine Engine My husband, a friend and I were sailing our boat around the Scottish Islands in 2011. During that summer we endured continual problems with our original old Volvo engine. The engine became trickier […]

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July, 28, 2013

how to keep your boat water tank clean

What’s in your water tank!When you turn your boat taps on, is there a funny smell? Does your water have a ‘tang’ to it when sampled? Is this your boat, then read on! The biggest problem is frequently the PVC hose lines leading to the water tank. Your pipes should still be clear in the […]

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July, 18, 2013

Restoring teak on boats and garden furniture.

how to restore your teak furniture

  When boat teak is left untreated the wood will turn a silvery grey. Many people like to see this natural discolouration, but the colour is actually caused by mould and mildew that feed off the natural oil in the teak. Teak owners really should consider killing these spores as prolonged eating away of the […]

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June, 24, 2013

Gammon and Apple Broth – slow cooker meal, for those long sails

Sometimes when you know you have a long sail ahead its good to get organised. I have a Mr D’s Eco thermal cooker on board which I use for long journeys, this is one of the dishes that can be make in advance, preparation time, 20 minutes!  At the bottom of the recipe I have […]

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June, 20, 2013

How to keep the gulls off your boat!

How do you keep the Sea gulls at bay? For boats sat about in rivers, in marina’s and quays, seagulls are a constant problem. It would appear that next to my mooring a pair of gulls has started using the yacht as a perching location. Now I would usually just be thankful it wasn’t on […]

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June, 17, 2013

How to replace your head lining….. the pro’s and con’s

Replacing your head lining. When people talk about the Westerly droop, they nod and shake their heads knowledgeably. Everyone has heard of it, but few have been brave enough to deal with the issue themselves. Here I shall attempt to explain the best methods of replacing your head lining; and what they entail (Beneateau, Sadler, […]

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June, 11, 2013

Clothes on the guard rail

Have you ever had the scenario where you have hung an item or several on the guard rail to dry and left the boat or got side tracked, and later returned to find your towel, underwear or the tea towel vanished. I’m usually left standing by my rail, pondering on a number of things, did I […]

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June, 8, 2013

Thermal eco friendly cooking pot for your boat

I have used this eco friendly thermal cooking pot method for the past three years on the boat and would seriously recommend it. I first saw the pot being demonstrated at the Ideal Boat Show in Southampton, the guy was cooking full roast dinners and cakes in it! I’m going to be posting some of […]

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May, 27, 2013

The best of boat battery monitors

We all worry about the state of our batteries especially when we have been static for a while, on anchor, or we have been sailing for long distances without using any engine. There are numerous voltmeters on the market, these offer a safe guard against being caught short, you would be advised to turn the […]

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May, 25, 2013

Boat safety for Dogs: bouyancy aids, sea sickness and toilet training

Dogs on boats – how do you care for yours? With more people living on boats with pets, here are a few tips to make your life a little easier…. Get them a buoyancy aids , the usual suspects make them, but here is an article that advises on the best around found on ‘The Modern Bark- best […]

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May, 13, 2013

Carlingford Lough to Poolbeg Yacht Club, Dublin 51.4nm Sailing around Britain 2014

When we all get up and the first conversations are about the weather, you know we are all anxious. During breakfast we all looked up weather reports, and then discussed how we felt about another ten hours in rough seas, right on our nose. In the back of our minds we were all aware that […]

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August, 10, 2009