About Us

Hi, I’m Simon and I have recently taken over Static Boat Holidays (January 2016), what a great way to start the New Year!  I’ve been sailing for the past (cough, cough) 50 years and have advertised my boat (Channel Islands location) with Static Boat Holidays for the past three years since Viv Sullivan started the business. My lets have increased year on year as her business grew and when she announced she was looking to hand over the helm, I realised it was a business opportunity I didn’t want to pass up.  Viv was delighted that one of her boat owners wanted to buy the business from her and she has agreed to help until I am fully up and running.

I will update this page soon with more information, but for the time being, I have rather a lot to do!  However, I can immediately say that I am immensely looking forward to working with boat owners and guests alike.

Simon Wild