907 gas bottles, what are our alternatives?

Date posted: 24 April 2015

Most people in the marine industry will have noticed a sharp increase in the cost of refilling their 907 gas bottles last year; well the bad news is; the price has not gone down, but the price will vary according to where you live in the country, and where you buy it from.

Location 2014 2015
Cornish Cruising Falmouth 29.99 29.99
Solent Yacht Charter, Hasler Marina. Solent. 25.00 29.99
Swale Marina, Faversham 29.99 29.99
Whitby Coats Marine, Whitby 24.99 24.99
Amble Marina, Amble 24.99 29.50
Rearo Supplies Limited, Shetland Islands 27.99 27.99
Angus Maciver Ltd, Stornaway 25.00 25.00
Ardfern Yacht Centre, Loch Craignish 25.90 31.00
Crinan Canal Boat Yard 24.00 24.00
Chandlery, Liverpool Marina 25.00 29.95
Chandlery, Cardiff Marina 25.99 29.99


Building merchants are the cheapest place to buy the 907 gas bottles from, but chandleries in the main offered a better price than Marina’s. The price started to increase dramatically in 2013 and continued to rise last year as the cost of gas increased. LP Gas stands for liquefied petroleum gas and in the UK is either propane or butane. It is produced as a bi -product of crude oil refining or natural gas extraction. Propane is used primarily for central heating, hot-water, gas-fires, for convector heaters and, of course, for cooking.  The 907 bottles are purchased in at £20.00 this year, with VAT charged at 5%, so anything on top of that is profit, as we can see the 907 gas bottles are no longer just being offered as just an additional service.

If we are going to look at alternatives to using our 907 gas bottles or ways of supplementing our gas, let’s start by looking at what is currently available.

Firstly let us look at portable gas stoves that use CP250 gas cartridges. A gas cartridge is a mixture of two liquid petroleum gases (propane and butane) contained under pressure in a metal cartridge. They are used worldwide for their lightweight, portable nature, and the accuracy with which the flame produced can be adjusted.

A cheaper form of gas on your boat

Perhaps we should use portable small cookers for day trips, these disposable canisters would be much cheaper

As a rule of thumb, they burn 150g/h (grams per hour), a litre of water can take approximately 3 minutes, and cartridges are 450g. These cartridges can be purchased very easily, there are lots of stockists. I checked the price on Amazon and found 4 @ £7.39 or 12 @ £21.00, but shopping locally I found them for less than £1.50 per cartridge.

I am not suggesting this for families or cruising, but what I am suggesting is using portable stoves as a way forward for hot drinks and light cooking, which will reduce your overall gas costs. Six cartridges are the equivalent to one 907 bottle; £11 or £29.99.

If you use marinas, why not dispense with using bottled gas and opt for an electric hob, electric kettle, toaster and a combination microwave, initially your outlay could be as much as £150, but that is less than a seasons gas, if you cook regularly on board.

use small electrical items in marinas

Small electric items such as this gas hob, are very economical in Marinas

Another alternative is to use LPG, LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which is a fuel in liquid form. As the name suggests the liquid comes from Petroleum which is created during the crude oil refining process.  It is compressed into a liquid and bottled ready for use.  Generally used in motorhomes and caravans for cooking, heating and running the fridge, but is making its way slowly onto the marine market as an alternative cheaper gas, the price today is 60p a litre.

You will need to take exceptional care if you decide to convert to LPG for cooking, there are conversion kits about, and you can refill the bottles at petrol stations if you have the right adapters.  There is the Statesman 50GSLF LPGsingle cavity Gas Cooker, where the LPG conversion has already been done at the factory.

This is an alternative for of cooker for boats

This model has already been converted for use with LPG by the manufacturer.

This is just giving you alternatives to the 907 gas bottle, something to think about. If you have any alternative suggestions, why not share them here.

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